Accelerating innovation 

for retail, hospitality and c-store

Experience the leading edge computing solution with Reliant Platform

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Experience the benefits of Edge Computing


Continuous Operations

Maintain continuous operations even when you experience loss of network connectivity, especially as you begin to deliver applications at scale.

Accelerated Digital Transformation

Roadmaps for digital transformation have been thrown out the window and 5-year plans are happening NOW. Accelerate your digital transformation strategy with a proven, pre-built platform for retail & hospitality.

Increased Cost Savings

Reduce your overall IT investment and lower your operating expenses with a pre-built and fully customizable, hardware agnostic software platform.

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It’s time for a Cloud + Edge Strategy

Embrace change.
Move closer to the Edge.


Edge Computing for Retail and Hospitality


With edge computing, Reliant provides a better way to deploy and manage applications, networks, and security controls at stores or restaurants.

Our services ensure that critical systems are optimally designed, implemented, and supported. By utilizing edge computing, your technology will be transformed and the way applications and infrastructure are delivered will reduce costs, improve security, and increase reliability.

The Reliant Platform, built on edge computing, empowers businesses to scale without adding complexity or taxing the IT team.

Over 12,500 sites Deployed


Over 35% Reduction in OpEx


20% or More Reduction in CapEx

Faster Mean Time To Recover