The options retailers and restaurant operators have for connecting their locations have steadily improved. Bandwidth has generally gotten less expensive and high-speed circuits that go well beyond 10 megabits per second are broadly available. Driving demand for faster networking is the new generation of cloud-delivered applications and content-rich digital experiences. In order to really take advantage more network capacity, operators need to also implement the next generation of networking technology – Software-Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN).

SD-WAN implementation is an alternative to traditional hardware-based networks and is a solution that addresses many enterprise requirements to reduce costs, simplify operations and improve application performances.

SD-WAN implementations provide you with:

  • A hardware independent solution that’s fully cloud managed
  • The agility needed to keep pace with changing business needs
  • Ability to dynamically prioritize and route traffic based on application and network conditions
  • Additional network security
  • Significant cost savings over legacy network solutions

The Reliant Platform was built with the ability to software define many infrastructure functions – from virtualized servers to storage to local and wide-area networks. With integrated SD-WAN, Reliant Platform uses configuration as code to fully build out every networking function, including IP addressing, routing, firewall, application prioritization, IDS/IPS, content-based malware detection and filtering, to network services such as DNS and DHCP.

With Reliant’s DevOps approach in our Platform architecture, the SD-WAN solution provides a strong central management of the overall network topology and dynamically responds to network changes. You now have greater capability to prioritize application delivery across different paths, or bring additional bandwidth online during peak periods.

Working with the leading SD-WAN solution providers, Reliant delivers a secure and differentiated SD-WAN service across your store network. It supports key service capabilities such as multi-tenancy – both at the data center/cloud and at store site, multi-service capabilities such as firewalls and other security features, elasticity and zero-touch provisioning.

The SD-WAN integration allows companies to reduce the CapEx and OpEx of their WAN and branch networks, while increasing responsiveness to business needs. The time required to manage the network is minimized, and branch security is strengthened.

Key features of the Reliant SD-WAN integration

  • Integrates directly as a VNF running under KVM
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Manage whether running in Reliant’s cloud, your cloud or your data center
  • Massive scalability to support many thousands of nodes across a single network fabric
  • VPN termination at your cloud or data center
  • Template based and web service API driven

For more information, see our data sheet.

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