Reliant Platform for Retail

Addressing the sophisticated technology requirements of today’s retail stores is precisely why we built Reliant Platform. Customers expect to a have second-to-none experience even before setting foot in their favorite retail store. Patrons look forward to an immersive rich-media experience that includes omnichannel payments, wi-fi, interactive displays, and music.

Meanwhile, managers need environmental monitoring and POS solutions to keep the premises safe while simultaneously overseeing workflows. Customers expect this orchestration to happen seamlessly, securely, and faster than ever.

However, management of all this technology can be difficult and expensive since it frequently depends on inflexible, overlapping servers and systems, which unfortunately can lead to critical gaps in security and performance.

Reliant Platform is a true edge computing solution that manages your applications locally, reducing latency since transactions don’t need to travel through the cloud back to your corporate data center. This increases the speed of transactions. And, when there is a loss of cloud connectivity, the Reliant Platform continues to process transactions seamlessly and sends all data back when the connection is restored.

Our patented central cloud managed, single in-store platform uses virtualization and a web-scale DevOps infrastructure to automate delivery and management of applications, networking, and security controls all managed either in-store or in the cloud.

Leveraging the latest technologies in application and system orchestration allows the Reliant Platform to more effectively deliver immersive customer experiences. It helps support agile application delivery of the following items from one central cloud managed, in-store platform:

  • In-store web content
  • Digital images
  • Music
  • Payment, POS, mPOS
  • Networking and security controls

See how Reliant Platform supports in-store technology

Below are just some of the many features that sets Reliant Platform apart and explains why many of today’s top global retailers have selected us to manage their next generation of mobile, agile, and customer-engaging applications.

Automation Connectivity Security Management Savings
By taking advantage of edge computing, we help retailers automate the management of technology and transform how applications and infrastructure are delivered Our robust networking features includes VPN functionality, firewall, SD-WAN capability, and secure wireless infrastructure that dramatically simply your existing environment By eliminating the need for complex integration of multiple network products, we substantially reduce the cost of PCI Remediation while addressing all 12 PCI technical requirements The Reliant Platform Management framework allows Reliant Platform to be dynamically install from a single image with store-specific requirements to all locations Automation and system consolidation means more real fault tolerances and less hands-on deck to maintain legacy systems; this means better uptime, connectivity, and overall reliability

For more information, see our data sheet.

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