Reliant Platform for Hospitality

Whether dining at their favorite spot – be it a quick-serve, fast casual, casual or fine-dining restaurant – customers today look forward to an immersive rich-media experience. This includes omnichannel payments, wi-fi, and music among others. Managers meanwhile rely upon environmental monitoring and POS solutions to keep the premises safe while simultaneously overseeing workflows.

The expectations are that everything happens seamlessly and securely, but the reality is that managing all this technology often creates significant challenges for today’s busy hospitality IT departments. In fact, many organizations find it extremely difficult to manage all of these changes, especially when their back-office infrastructure is a tangled mess of outdated equipment. The big question for many hospitality brands today is how to face these challenges and cost effectively deploy the next generation of mobile, agile, and customer engaging applications.

Keeping up with the latest technology trends in the hospitality space while ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction is precisely why we built Reliant Platform. Reliant Platform is a true edge computing solution that manages your applications locally, reducing latency since transactions don’t need to travel through the cloud back to your corporate data center. This increases the speed of transactions. And, when there is a loss of cloud connectivity, the Reliant Platform continues to process transactions seamlessly and sends all data back when the connection is restored.

Our patented central cloud managed, single in-restaurant platform uses virtualization and a web-scale DevOps infrastructure to automate delivery and management of applications, networking, and security controls all managed either in-restaurant or in the cloud.

Leveraging the latest technologies in application and system orchestration allows the Reliant Platform to more effectively deliver immersive customer experiences. It helps support agile application delivery of the following items from one central cloud managed, in-restaurant platform:

  • In-store web content
  • Digital images, signage, and menu boards
  • Music
  • Guest Wi-Fi
  • Payments whether at a register, kiosk, mPOS, or traditional POS
  • Networking and security controls.
  • Environmental & HAACP monitoring
  • Manager’s workstation and Kitchen Display Systems

See how Reliant Platform supports in-store technology

Many of today’s top global hospitality brands have selected Reliant to manage their next generation of mobile, agile, and customer-engaging applications. Reliant provides businesses with a single platform solution for automating the management of their technology and transforming how applications and infrastructure are delivered to customers.

Reliant’s edge computing solution offers restaurants a simpler and more effective way to deploy and manage applications, networks, and security controls. The following are just some examples of the many technologies that Reliant works with to bridge the gap between the cloud and today’s modern, digital restaurant.

Below are just some of the many benefits that sets Reliant Platform apart and explains why many of today’s top global brands have selected us to manage their next generation of customer-engaging applications.

Reduced Costs Improved Security Increased Reliability
  • Simpler holistic approach to networking, security, and applications
  • No more tangled back-office infrastructure
  • Substantial savings through automation and system consolidation
  • Availability of all PCI controls
  • Ability to segment applications into separate containers
  • Centrally managed software configurations and updates for better integrity and fewer configuration mistakes
  • Edge computing solution for always-on connectivity
  • Cloud-level automation resulting in better connectivity and uptime
  • Dynamic configuration reduces discrepancies between disparate software environments
  • Real fault-tolerance through in-store hardware redundancy and automated failover

For more information, see our data sheet.

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