Empowering The Store of The Future

Reliant edge platform storyboard

The New Normal: Digital Transformation is Now Mission Critical

Companies were delivering digital transformation at an even pace until Covid-19. Today, all roadmaps have been accelerated into a matter of weeks or months to stay connected and relevant with the new normal.

Contactless and self-managed services are not going away, and businesses are realizing that the cloud is no longer delivering the power alone to provide the response times and scalable continuous services required in stores and restaurants, all while controlling the costs.

Cloud + Edge is the new strategy for those businesses seeking to move the power of the cloud and operating the applications requiring big data, high response times, and continuous operations closer to the point of engagement.

The CIO and IT teams are challenged with the business requirements in today’s new world of engagement and additional digital services, IoT, and multiple applications requiring the power to move large amounts of data throughout the enterprise.

Reliant Edge Computing Platform enables businesses to make this a reality, while controlling costs, increasing efficiencies at scale with centralized management and monitoring, and moving those mission critical applications into the four walls where the end points and people are operating.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Support for Docker containers to provide portable application
delivery across different environments

LXC provides simple, light weight Linux containers

Reliant Platform supports a KVM based hypervisor for whole
OS virtualization, including most versions of Windows

Support for networking functionality and
a wide range of security controls

Local content delivery for audio, video,
and hi‐resolution imagery

Complete web based central configuration
management and control

The Reliant Edge Platform can be deployed
as a single unit or as a two system high‐availability

Public or private clouds host servers and data to allow
applications to be delivered in‐store. Edge computing
allows in‐store application delivery to take place to
support low‐latency and continual operation when
connectivity to the cloud isn’t available.

Video Camera systems are loT devices and can stream content to
Reliant's Edge Platform where machine learning apps can model customer
and store associate behavior.

RFID sensors are IoT devices that can be managed,
monitored, and controlled via an edge computing

Interactive magic mirrors and AI/ML driven experiences can be
supported by an edge application for delivery, management,
and controlRFID

State of the art “interactive” magic mirrors and AI/ML driven
experiences can best be supported via an edge application for
application delivery, management, and control

Buy On‐line, Pick Up In Store lockers are the
newest requirement for an omnichannel
strategy. Reliant Edge Platform supports customer
access management and overall
system orchestration.

The Reliant Edge Platform supports point‐of‐sale and payment applications.
Payment terminals are IoT devices that Reliant’s Platform can manage, while
payment middleware can be hosted on our platform. POS software can be
deployed as a VM and POS hardware can use the edge platform to load their
software from base‐metal.

Digital shelf labels are a classic IoT application that can
be well supported by Reliant’s Edge Platform. This includes
overall management, monitoring, data delivery, and
orchestration of the label application set.

The Reliant Edge Platform can integrate closely with store WiFi providing local content delivery,
web caching, and web content control.

Supporting in‐store kiosks is another great edge
computing application. This can include management,
configuration control, and application and content
delivery to these systems.

A manager’s PC can be deployed as a VM on
Reliant’s Edge Platform

The Reliant Edge Platform is typically deployed in‐store on a
demarc or in a small rack.

Central management and monitoring of IoT
temperature sensors in storage areas

Support and management of Bluetooth beacons and BLE is
another terrific edge application

The Reliant Edge Platform can deliver high resolution
video to digital displays