Infrastructure, DevOps & Networking

We inhabit a world today in which every organization has virtually become a technology company. No longer a secondary business function, technology is now the key differentiator for market competition. Success in today’s rapidly changing business environment therefore means that new approaches to IT are critical for retail and hospitality businesses to survive.

Gone are the days when IT managers could afford to maintain a tangled network of legacy systems and overlapping applications running on an older client-server architecture. Today’s requirements and expectations for performance and reliability are much more demanding. What is needed is a new approach to cost-effectively deploy, secure, and manage the next generation of in-store customer engaging applications.

Reliant’s Professional Services Program provides just the right solution for today’s busy retail and hospitality clients. Integral to success in today’s fast-paced market is a clear path to automating the management of technology and transforming how applications and infrastructure are delivered. Keeping up with customer demands for immersive, rich-media experiences, omnichannel commerce, and IoT all spell new approaches for a new way of doing business.

Reliant delivers this value by innovating with the most progressive techniques in DevOps, infrastructure management, and networking technologies. At the heart of our approach is Reliant Platform, our central cloud managed, in-store platform. Reliant Platform uses virtualization and a web-scale DevOps infrastructure to automate delivery and management of applications, networking, and security controls either in-store or in the cloud.

Reliant’s Professional Services for Infrastructure, DevOps, and Networking offers expertise and implementation services around core infrastructure, including systems and networks supporting critical in-store and in-restaurant applications. With our approach to converged and web-scale automation, we ensure that critical systems are optimally designed, implemented, and supported.

This starts with an analysis that may include corporate offices, store locations, e-commerce, and call center environments. We will assess the state of core infrastructure and identify any gaps. Then, we will develop a remediation plan so you can meet the increasingly complex needs of today’s retail and hospitality technology infrastructures.

Professional Services for Infrastructure, DevOps, and Networking offers full support and operations of our client’s technology automation environment. Some of the major features offered with this line of service are:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of current DevOps, infrastructure, and networking technologies and business processes
  • Requirements analysis to accelerate “time to value” for deployment of immersive rich-media customer applications
  • Application-level requirements including desired configuration and centralized control
  • Manage mission-critical applications, including PCI in-scope systems, such as payment card processing, by a PCI validated Level I service provider
  • Manage configuration changes and overall health of the Reliant Platform infrastructure

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