Power of Edge Computing

Reliant Platform was built as an edge computing solution for the retail and hospitality industries. The core idea of edge computing is reducing latency and the time it takes to process data “in the cloud” by doing a component of application delivery on local devices in order to bring compute, storage, and associated services closer to the end-user.

Achieve continuous operations, enable contactless technology, and accelerate digital transformation across hundreds to thousands of locations while managing:

  • Virtualization of Legacy In-Store Systems
  • Local Content Caching & Distribution
  • Support for Latency Sensitive Applications-Voice, Payment, Transactional Data
  • Cloud Database Replication for Off-Line Operation Central Aggregation Point for Machine Data
  • Local Management for IoT Devices & Local Security Applications
  • Software Defined Network Controller
  • Software Defined Security Controller

See how Reliant Platform supports in-store technology.

To learn more, read our white paper.