Omnichannel & Payments

Payment processing is one of the most critical steps for customer engagement and satisfaction. As a retail merchant, the acceptance of a wide variety of payment types represents a unique opportunity to meet the needs of today’s fast-moving market. This means frictionless, omnichannel payment solutions that are accessible anytime, anyplace. Retailers’ payment solutions also need to be coupled with the delivery of immersive rich media customer experiences.

Being able to provide multiple tender types is a must have for busy digital-centric shoppers. But payment processing is also one of the most challenging areas for retailers to master. The requirements for PCI compliance and overall cybersecurity are increasingly demanding. The ability to meet these standards is frequently hindered by outdated back-office infrastructures and legacy systems that are ill-equipped to keep up with the latest technology innovations. Companies need to exceed customer satisfaction while staying ahead of the innovation curve in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Reliant provides just the perfect solution through its Managed Services Program. By leveraging its experience as a best-in-class service provider, Reliant acts as a “force multiplier” to offload the periodic support of key infrastructure components from our IT clients while helping them focus on higher value strategic initiatives.

As part of our multiple options and levels of service, Reliant’s Managed Services Program for Omnichannel and Payments is designed specifically to help busy retail and hospitality clients integrate open and secure payment systems that are agile, reliable, and cost-effective. Helping our clients offer a frictionless payment experience that meets rigorous PCI standards while keeping OpEx costs down is the ultimate goal of this valuable program.

Managed Services for Omnichannel and Payments includes support and operations of our client’s retail payments infrastructure. Some of the major features offered with this line of service are:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of current payment technologies and business processes
  • Management of payment application environment including payment software and payment terminals
  • Technical support for payment environment, including application and system troubleshooting
  • Application of changes to payment environment including lane, store, and merchant wide configuration modifications
  • Management of payment processing systems by a PCI validated Level I service provider to ensure PCI compliance

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