Infrastructure Operations


Retail and hospitality IT departments are facing a whole new set of challenges in today’s markets. In addition to keeping up with customer demands for immersive, rich media experiences and omni-channel payments, companies must also address the latest changes in cloud, cybersecurity, mobile, and IoT. At the same time, IT departments have the important task of controlling and potentially reducing operational costs.

Many organizations find it difficult, if not impossible, to manage all of these changes especially when their back-office infrastructure might consist of multiple, overlapping legacy systems running on older client-server architecture. The big question many organizations face today is how to address these challenges while cost-effectively deploying the next generation of mobile, agile, and customer engaging applications.

Reliant’s unique Managed Services Program provides just the right solution. Reliant helps retail and hospitality brands address the latest technological challenges in their infrastructure and operations environment. By leveraging its experience as a best-in-class service provider, Reliant acts as a “force multiplier” to offload the periodic support of key infrastructure components from our IT clients while helping them focus on higher value strategic initiatives.

As part of our multiple options and levels of service, Reliant’s Managed Services Program for Infrastructure Operations is designed specifically to help busy retail and hospitality clients achieve more efficiency and cost-effectiveness within their infrastructure environments.

In addition to Reliant’s deep innovation and industry expertise, our managed services clients also benefit from Reliant Platform, our central cloud managed, in-store platform. Reliant Platform can provide full infrastructure management and DevOps oversight of each environment at the physical, virtual, and application levels.

Helping our clients reduce OpEx costs and free up resources to focus on strategic initiatives leading to more agile, seamless, and more customer-centric IT delivery is the ultimate goal of this valuable program.

Managed Services for Infrastructure Operations offers full support and operations of our client’s retail infrastructure environment. Some of the major features offered with this line of service are:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of current infrastructure technologies and business processes
  • Perform capacity planning and major system upgrades
  • Provide day-to-day systems management and support for key retail or hospitality infrastructure components
  • Support operational incidents and diagnose issues that may involve multiple system and network components and telecommunication services
  • Manage mission-critical applications, including PCI in-scope systems, such as payment card processing, by a PCI validated Level I service provider
  • Manage configuration changes and overall health of the Reliant Platform infrastructure



For more information, see our data sheet on managed services for infrastructure operations.