Managed Services

Benefits of our Managed Services Program

  • Helps reduce capital costs
  • Provides access to Reliant’s specialized skills and expertise
  • Provides internal resource flexibility
  • Frees existing IT resources to be invested strategically to increase revenue and competitive advantage
Operational Support
  • Manage configuration changes and overall health of the Reliant Platform infrastructure
  • Perform capacity planning and major system upgrades
  • Support operational incidents and diagnose issues that may involve multiple network components and telecommunication services
  • Manage compliance of mission-critical applications with complex PCI requirements, such as credit card processing
Why Managed Services?

IT departments face multiple challenges when operating and maintaining network infrastructures and managing enterprise-wide applications. Even with these challenges, PCI mandates require increased staffing for data-security functions.

However, IT departments often do not have the resources to devote to this compliance function. Also, IT departments may lack the knowledge, skill set, and expertise required to keep current with PCI compliance.

As a result, our customers have increasingly turned to Reliant Platform to manage associated PCI technical controls and hosted applications.

Our Managed Services Program addresses these gaps that many merchants face. The service combines our extensive knowledge of PCI Requirements with years of experience managing retail technology environments in the field.

Managed Services: Program Components

Reliant’s Managed Services Program includes multiple options and levels of service. This flexible service accommodates many retailers’ existing in-house capabilities and fills the gaps where skills or staffing may be lacking. It can also be customized as necessary to meet client needs. Typical service program components include:

1. Base Reliant Platform Device Monitoring

This Level 1 support program is designed to monitor the status of each site deployed in your chain. Key support features include:

  • Automated event detection, incident creation and notification
  • Incident evaluation and root-cause analysis
  • Resolution of known issues and notification
  • Referral to the appropriate resolver group
  • Informing client when Level 2 & 3 Support is required

2. Reliant Platform Device Management

This service includes responsibility for the client Reliant Platform operating environment, including the overall health of the Reliant Platform, configuration changes and program-level monitoring of security controls.

Support features include:

  • Dedicated Reliant Platform program manager PCI Requirements
  • Platform infrastructure management, including system maintenance, capacity planning, updates and upgrades
  • Access and firewall rules management in conformance with client policy and PCI DSS requirements, including execution of all firewall rule changes
  • Executing quarterly internal network vulnerability scans

3. Reliant Platform Log Capture, Management and Alerting

Includes the monitoring of log data and security events from the Reliant Platform and related systems. Reliant will notify client of suspicious activity or violations of predefined security policies. Responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring all security events collected from cardholder data network and host systems
  • Reviewing all alerts of suspicious activities across the enterprise and communication of potential issues to client
  • Managing syslog online storage, offline backup and management