How It Works

Reliant Platform uses virtualization and a web-scale DevOps infrastructure to automate the delivery and management of applications, networking, and security controls either in-store or in the cloud. This includes key software infrastructure like a core agent-based configuration management system that controls the configuration of both the Platform and hosted applications.

Applications are delivered in either containers or in hosted virtual machines like Windows or Linux. In turn, the entire configuration is centrally managed. This is a departure from how legacy client/server systems are typically configured and managed in-store, as legacy system configurations are maintained on each individual system. Additionally, applications are typically housed on individual servers with multiple physical systems required to build a customer-centric, in-store environment.

With the Reliant Platform, in-store or restaurant systems are consolidated into multiple virtual machines and lightweight containers for enhanced fault-tolerance. With this kind of superior application management and delivery, Reliant Edge platform allows leading enterprises to deploy tens to hundreds and even thousands of systems across the store or restaurant network.

Visualize how Reliant Platform supports in-store digital transformation

DevOps & Continuous Integration

DevOps calls for “continuous integration” where application code updates and configuration changes are pushed continuously and efficiently put into production.

Agile Operations

Reliant’s overall approach to the agile development and operation of our platform includes frequent, tempo-based updates and releases.

Application Delivery

We rely on agile development and operations to ship code faster and cheaper with the goal of providing clients with high quality and feature-rich products and services.


One of the core elements of the Reliant Platform technology stack is the use of containers. These are discrete levels of application logic provisioned only with the minimum required components (libraries, configuration files, application binaries) necessary to perform their function within the application. Read more about containerization.


Involves the management of events and activity associated with application and system support. Read more about orchestration.


In Reliant’s approach to automation management, virtualization introduces significant agility into the system by allowing multiple environments to be deployed on a single physical piece of hardware. Read more about virtualization.

Centralized Configuration Management

Configuration is maintained centrally and applied via controls from the central site to individual systems on an automated basis.

System & Application Monitoring

One of the major hallmarks of Reliant Platform is its’ ability to automate the entire technology stack, including all monitoring tasks.

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