How It Works

Reliant provides a complete edge computing solution 

Reliant Platform combines both cloud and edge computing to provide the optimal turnkey approach for competing in today’s retail and hospitality environments.

Reliant Platform is an off-the-shelf, hardware-agnostic software solution optimized for the retail, hospitality, and convenience store industries. We deliver all of the functionality needed to create a frictionless, omnichannel experience for consumers, whether for 25 or 10,000+ locations. 

Watch the short video below to learn more:

Let’s get a little technical: 

Supporting both container-based microservices and whole-OS virtualization, Reliant has developed a next-generation, API-capable centralized platform that allows restaurants, retail locations, and convenience stores to integrate, configure, deliver, and manage their applications at scale.


What about security and networking? 

Reliant was built on security and networking when we launched in 2006. Our platform contains the networking and technical security control capability needed to operate edge computing at scale. 


If Reliant works with the cloud, what cloud provider is necessary to deploy our edge solution? 

We’re cloud agnostic. The Platform can run in Reliant’s secure cloud, the client’s private cloud or data center, or a third-party cloud of the client’s choosing. The Platform’s management and configuration software, located in the cloud, lets clients manage not only the configurations of their edge nodes but applications hosted on the edge platform and adjacent IoT devices, enabling a smooth migration from a monolithic design approach to an agile development methodology as time, resources, and expertise allow.

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