Today’s Retail Technology Paradigm & What It Means for Your Enterprise

The traditional retail and hospitality technology environment has changed in response to the emerging requirements for cloud-based and web-based service-oriented architectures, as well as the impacts of COVID-19 on our industry to provide a safe and reliable environment.  Restaurants and retail stores are looking to harness these new technologies to create a more agile, reliable, and cost-effective landscape. There is strong demand for new applications that focus on mobility, rich content, contactless technology, and customer engagement, while simultaneously maintaining strong security. Over the past decade, Reliant has become a leader in providing the infrastructure to meet this growing demand. Through virtualization, container orchestration, and a web-scale DevOps infrastructure, Reliant has developed a next-generation platform that helps  large restaurants and retail stores gain the digital transformation they need to compete in today’s marketplace. 

In this white paper, we explore the core technologies that have made Reliant Platform uniquely positioned to provide integrated, scalable solutions for today’s leading retail and hospitality companies. Topics such as edge computing, containers, centralized configuration management, and IoT will be discussed as we take a closer look at the core technology stack of Reliant Platform. The paper will conclude with a brief set of recommendations for retail and hospitality companies that are looking to adopt these technologies into a workable strategy for automation management at the enterprise level.

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