As a business or IT leader, you know that edge computing is no longer just a buzzword. It’s a paradigm shift in how new technology can be deployed across hundreds or thousands of locations at reduced cost, lightning speed, and with greater security. 

As application and infrastructure vendors are moving to container and microservices-based delivery models, 63% of retail and hospitality brands will adopt an edge infrastructure deployment by 2028, according to State of The Edge 2021. As this transition occurs, IT organizations will be challenged to orchestrate and manage on-premise IoT edge technology with complex requirements for localized application delivery, redundancy, and offline capability, all while enabling faster releases with API powered CI/CD pipelines. That’s where an edge computing infrastructure adds the most value. 

As you evaluate your organization’s approach to edge computing, the key question to consider is whether to build a cloud + edge solution from scratch or buy one from a trusted software provider?


While building an edge solution may seem ideal in terms of gaining total ownership and freedom from vendor lock-in, it frequently creates a bottleneck when it comes to available resources, tools, labor, and cost for continued management. On the other hand, buying an edge solution from a trusted partner can get your edge infrastructure up and running quickly and efficiently, while ensuring you have the resources and support you need for success.


Think of it this way

When the cloud was introduced, building it yourself posed some challenges. “Mimicking Amazon is too difficult, too costly, and too time-consuming for many businesses,” said Adam Jacob, CTO of Chef, a Seattle-based software company.  The time alone to do so would set a company back by at least five years on their road map – if not more. The cloud was introduced to us around 2006, and, according to Forrester,  it wasn’t until 2018 when large enterprises began to strategize how to build their own private clouds. These initiatives still prove to be a costly, time-consuming feat and many enterprises trust public cloud offerings for the best compute power.  

Now that edge is becoming an important complement to your cloud strategy, why wait to secure the resources and cycles to build your own solution when you can buy a trusted, turnkey edge platform that is customizable to your needs? 


Learn more about the advantages of buying an edge computing solution

Reliant can help your organization harness the power of edge computing in a scalable, cost-effective way with Reliant Edge Platform. 

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