It’s no secret that many retail and hospitality IT organizations are challenged with lean teams and robust demands for innovative technology. Today’s IT team is tasked with delivering the technology to support the omnichannel experiences expected today and for the business to be competitive.  Many companies have turned to operating from a Cloud – only infrastructure, and while this kind of approach to store level delivery may allow for centralization, the limitations on connectivity and endpoint management create bottlenecks and limited scalability as more big data and next generation technologies are added to the ever-growing application stack. These bottlenecks translate into disconnected and unsatisfactory customer experiences due to inconsistent connections and lost IT support labor hours leading to overall loss of productivity. Yikes.

So, you have to ask yourself, are your stores or restaurants built on a digital-ready and scalable platform?

Today’s large-scale retail and hospitality operators know that the rapid pace of technological innovation requires a solid and predictable foundation. IT teams need to feel like they can kick the tires on new ideas, technology and customer engagement applications without sacrificing a proven framework. Having a flexible, OS independent and extensible Edge Platform provides this kind of optimal approach to delivering quickly the next digital and immersive technologies at scale in your stores or restaurants. 

Reliant Edge Platform removes the Cloud-only obstacles by centrally managing innovative technologies for both a legacy and/or cloud-based architecture. It moves the applications that require high response and continuous operations to the Edge, replicating the Cloud where it is needed. Reliant delivers its software on a single platform embedded with the right tools to monitor, consolidate, deploy, and deliver at the Edge of the Cloud, which is right inside the four walls of your stores and restaurants.

Bottom line: Minimize your risk for failure and remove those pesky bottlenecks with an innovative and proven Cloud + Edge solution.

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