It’s a battle you don’t have to keep fighting. You can add innovation and Next Gen functionality to that traditional POS you’re using today.

As many continue to prioritize their 2021 budget to garner high ROI and business agility, it’s no secret balancing CapEx expenditures by extending the life of your POS/BOH hardware is top of mind for retail and hospitality executives.

Traditional POS/BOH systems deployed in today’s stores and restaurants come with finite limitations in memory, storage and processing power. At a time when every transaction matters, resiliency and redundancy are no longer optional. Edge Computing provides the bridge required for today’s large scale retail and hospitality chain operators to leverage a variety of rich, data driven and digital applications.

Today’s retailers and restaurants are expected to deliver on Next Generation technology to meet the connected consumers, but we know that is not always possible with existing POS/BOH depending on your current hardware. It must support a much wider set of requirements than the traditional “single use” functions and transaction set.  Retailers and restaurants must be able to rapidly pivot to digital and contactless technologies in today’s consumer driven world.

Reliant Edge Platform extends the life of your existing POS by moving the entire OS, POS/BOH application and workload to the processing power of the Edge.  Virtualization and container-driven microservices architectures support the legacy traditional Windows/SQL server-type systems on which we still rely, while accelerating digital transformation.

In doing so, it extends the life of your current single-purpose hardware. Reliant Edge Platform enables companies to continue to leverage their existing investment in POS/BOH while delivering new applications, digital content, IoT and immersive technologies adjacent to those applications on the same physical hardware appliance.

Retail and hospitality operators leveraging Reliant Edge Platform have ultimate flexibility in their selection of any local application or service set to run locally. It’s all managed centrally to optimize the IT organization and provides faster processing for better customer experiences. Think full visibility, true compliance, improved operations and gradual cost savings. That’s what Reliant brings to the table.

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