Technology surrounding IoT, automation, Machine Learning & AR/VR are becoming increasingly important in the retail and hospitality space, as seen in this research collected by Topio Networks. As large retailers and restaurants begin to add this technology at scale, Cloud computing and a legacy infrastructure is simply not strong enough to deploy this kind of infrastructure to hundreds and thousands of locations. Reliant’s VP of Solutions, Phil Stead, joined our friends at Topio Networks on August 20th to present our Edge Platform for Retail & Hospitality. He spoke about specific use cases for edge computing within our customer community and took some time to answer questions from the audience.

A few key takeaways:

“If you’re a large-scale retail or hospitality operator, your challenge is ‘I have to manage all of this technology plus an ever-increasing set of systems across IoT, digital application delivery & content.’ So, how can you do this effectively across multiple single purpose deployed and largely unmanaged physical hardware and software – each with their own individual management plane and specific network requirements at play. Edge Computing in combination with an operators Cloud implementation, provides the optimal approach to how best run both your legacy systems and modern micro services based applications to provide the most predictable customer experience with the highest level of reliability today across both retail and hospitality.”

“The question with how to get to an Edge architecture for the largest operators is ‘Do I build it or do I buy it?’ Reliant has done the heavy lifting over several years and thousands of existing sites to deliver a comprehensive bullet proof & battle tested solution platform across application hosting (whole OS virtualization) & containers, configuration management, orchestration, monitoring and data collection. Reliant Edge Platform is deployed and trusted across many major global retailers and restaurant chains today.”

“Every one of our customers today are implementing some level of new innovation at the store or restaurant, what we provide is a software platform connecting cloud to the physical location in a hardware and application vendor agnostic approach to run the applications the operator needs in the most optimal approach”

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