Digital Transformation is getting a lot of attention these days, and as you know, it means more than just adding a few applications to your tech stack and calling it a day. Many in the technology industry claim that Edge computing was born out of IoT starting with the advancement of the mobile phone industry. Mobile providers continued increasing the amount of data, video streaming and compute functionality, making mobile devices faster and more intelligent, allowing people to manage their lives and business right from their mobile or smart device.   Today, it’s literally an appendage to our bodies that goes everywhere we go and is hard to live without.

Since then, the advancement of edge computing has extended past the cloud and networking and further than personal smart devices due to the significant benefits it brings to the people and things (IoT) in our stores, restaurants, banks, and any consumer-engaging business model. Edge amplifies the new innovation that meets the needs of your connected consumers.

Speaking of those consumers, they’re more connected than ever before and have high expectations for the businesses they decide to frequent. Gartner predicted in 2017 that by 2020 we would see 20 billion connected “things,” and that prediction has certainly come true. What this means is that it’s imperative that companies today deliver relevant, personalized services, and quickly.  This has driven businesses to create more services and immersive experiences that require large amounts of data processing in real-time. Companies must deliver the kind of innovation they expect such as mobile shopping, video streaming capabilities, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other new, exciting technology we now have at our fingertips.

Edge computing allows the cloud and physical world to integrate, providing this next generation, digital-ready infrastructure. It’s this kind of innovation that enables digital transformation in your stores, restaurants and branches.  Edge computing is transforming how applications are delivered – faster, more efficiently, and intelligently. The technology of an Edge Computing platform uses the same web scale technologies found in the cloud including lightweight containers and virtual machines, orchestrating the delivery of the applications needed closer to the users and things it powers inside your locations.

Reliant’s Edge Platform is pre-configured with industry-leading tools that support enhanced security, containerization, virtualization, centralized management and more to provide the ability to plug in the IoT and next-gen applications you need for digital innovation and speed to market advantage.  A Cloud + Edge strategy is essential to meet the expectations of your organization and customers. Are you operating from the edge?



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