Edge computing enables and accelerates digital transformation in the physical store and restaurant, including IoT systems, immersive experiences and data driven technologies like augmented reality, visual reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Cloud centralized infrastructure, which many enterprises have adopted, has been challenged with large actionable data driving many applications required in the stores and restaurants to create those immersive experiences expected from today’s connected consumers.  As these new technologies become mission critical to the business and consumer engagement, the power of the cloud must be decentralized to where the things and people require that power– to the edge.

The Telecommunications Industry Association projected 29 billion connected devices will be vying for attention on the global network by 2022, with more than half of those being IoT devices.  Forrester Analytics Global Business Technographics Mobility Survey in 2019 spoke to Edge computing stating 57 percent of the mobility decision-makers say they have edge computing on their roadmap for 2020.

Edge Computing is a necessary strategy to extend your Cloud.  Forrester’s survey lists three top benefits most relevant to retailers and hospitality operators:

  • Flexibility to handle present and future AI demands
  • Avoidance of network latency and allowance for faster responses
  • The need to conduct complex processing that cloud cannot support

Reliant’s Edge computing platform for retail and hospitality enables faster time to market delivering innovation with your legacy & Cloud-based systems, across multiple platforms and thousands of locations, efficiently and securely.  Do you have a Cloud + Edge strategy?


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