build vs buy cloud+edge computing

In today’s retail and restaurant world, or the “new normal” as we now know it, customer expectations have changed and 5-year roadmaps have been condensed into much shorter time frames. Our core challenge is how fast we can pivot the business to deliver digital applications, contactless technology, and immersive experiences to our stores and customers. 

So, it begs the question, does a CIO and their infrastructure team build a custom software stack to deliver this kind of complex and data rich technology into the stores and restaurants or should we start with a pre-configured platform and build on top of it for speed to innovation?  

Gartner’s VP of Edge Strategy and Research, Bob Gill, stated in a recent Reliant hosted webinar that “Some of the biggest challenges we see are the lack of established standards, dizzying array of options, and lack of integration skill sets in most enterprises. It’s not just a matter of skills gaps, but quite frankly, whether the learning curve is worth the investment on the part of these enterprises to attack on their own. We believe there is a significant opportunity for Edge as a Service market, where service providers can deliver outcome-based solutions to the enterprise.”

Why build from scratch when you can start with a proven and scalable turn-key platform available in SaaS or PaaS?  The Reliant Edge Computing Platform provides the ability to extend your cloud into your stores and restaurants and immediately build applications and immersive experiences, in turn creating a digital ecosystem with a complete set of tools for security, compliance, monitoring, containerization and centralized management.  Delivering latency-sensitive and big data driven technology at the Edge enables faster innovation and higher productivity, creating reduced overhead costs by centralizing the management and controls.


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