March 16, 2020

Reliant is actively taking steps to safeguard our employees and communities, while ensuring the continuity of our operations and maintaining consistently high levels of service to our customers.  These measures include limiting business travel and allowing our employees and contractors to work remotely, as warranted by the local situation in each of our offices.

It is Reliant’s intention to remain open for business and provide the highest levels of service to our customers in these extraordinary times.

So far, we are thankfully unaware of any employees who have been exposed to the or who are showing COVID-19 symptoms. While the New York City area is under a voluntary social distancing policy, the City of Tallahassee has yet to see any COVID-19 cases. However, we need to assume that our Tallahassee Service Center will be impacted at some point and will be doing a proactive Business Continuity test of our ability to provide services with the majority of resources operating remotely.

The goal of this is to test our build, deployment, troubleshooting and escalation processes in a “work-from-home” scenario, and to have an opportunity to work out any process-related issues. This test is scheduled  for Tuesday, March 17 for a 24-hour period starting 12:01 AM.

We do not expect any disruption to our customers during this test.   Your day-to-day interaction with Reliant will remain unchanged. Our operations are designed for continuous availability, operating across multiple geographic locations and capable of shifting resources and workflow as needed. Our systems are built for scale and are expected to operate without disruption.  This is a proactive exercise to ensure we have everything in place should we need to operate 100% remotely from homes.

We will remain vigilant as this situation evolves and continue to adjust our operations as needed. We are confident in our ability to uphold our commitments to your business during this challenging time.  As always, we will maintain an open line of communication with you posting on a regular basis on our Website. We appreciate your continued trust and partnership as we navigate through this situation.