Does your restaurant have an Edge Strategy?

The Edge is a Restaurant’s essential ingredient to deliver faster digital innovation

Digital technology and innovation are more important than ever before for the hospitality industry. With the onset of cloud applications, IoT devices, mobile ordering, and data-driven initiatives; the need for real-time decisions and continuous operations are paramount to a restaurant’s success. In order to survive and scale, restaurants must adopt smarter tools for both the back and front of house to deliver digital innovation and engagement for their employees and guests. Whether casual dining, quick service, or fine dining, the pressures to efficiently deliver to an always-on culture are upon us.

Progressive companies and NextGen CIO’s are leveraging new cloud-based applications and technologies to deliver faster innovation to their restaurants. The more innovation restaurants deliver, the more bandwidth and power that’s required from existing architectures. The goal is to streamline operations, empower employees with data for real-time decisions, improve performance metrics, and deliver superior customer experiences. All of this is truly possible when you compute from the edge, localizing applications and data at the point of engagement.

Streamlining operations, automating and managing solutions real-time is the reality for a NextGen microservices-based kitchen and restaurant platform. Increased speed and reliability while delivering continuous operations with internet-independent capabilities opens up a world of possibility – and so many restaurants are still striving to attain this power provided by Edge Computing.

Compliment your cloud investment with an Edge Computing platform which is a cost-effective approach to deliver new technology while providing the restaurant with reliable, continuous availability of applications and data whether on or offline. The Reliant Platform utilizes containerization to deliver and manage applications. Software containers are lightweight, standalone, executable packages of software that include everything needed to run an application. By using this approach Reliant’s restaurant clients are testing and deploying code changes faster, orchestrating new and legacy updates, and moving innovation more quickly into the hands of the operators – all from a single platform.

It’s crucial to effectively execute an Edge Computing architecture that provides security, controls and monitoring. Done right, this essential ingredient to your IoT strategy enables faster time to market and the power to scale new innovation across your chains limiting risk and delivering business value.