Edge Computing – Driving Digital Transformation in Retail and Hospitality

Webinar – March 14 @ 12:30pm ET

Edge computing is one of the hottest topics in technology today and is changing how enterprise applications and systems are deployed. Edge computing brings applications down from the cloud closer to physical points of presence where users reside. With much of their businesses revolving around brick & mortar stores and restaurants, retailers and hospitality operators are proving to be early adopters of edge computing architectures for their customer premises equipment. Some of their use-cases include:

  • Delivery of content-rich experiences to their customers in their stores
  • Supporting large numbers of IoT devices including sensors, shelf labels
  • Deploying artificial intelligence and machine learning applications
  • The infrastructure needed to drive the newest innovations around self-services and cashier-less checkout

Edge computing provides a critical component necessary to deploying these applications and addressing the limits of the cloud’s ability to support requirements for minimal latency, disconnected operation, or massive data and computation.

In this webinar we will show how edge computing works for this market.

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