Edge Computing, Reliant, and the Evolution of IT Infrastructures

by | Dec 5, 2018

This past year has seen edge computing move from a fringe concept to mainstream adoption. There is a growing realization that edge computing is the key to building architectures that can balance the scale and agility of the cloud with the real world requirements of the physical universe. Technology leaders such as HPE, Dell, IBM, Cisco, Google, and Amazon have acknowledged its importance and an awareness of its potential impact has spread among the retail and hospitality communities.

The key proposition of Edge Computing is that it puts processing, data, and content close to end-users and devices that need those resources. Edge Computing bridges the gap between the cloud, consumers, users of applications and data.

As the first company to bring managed application, data delivery, and automation from the cloud to the physical store and restaurant, we are very familiar with the benefits, necessity, and challenges of this approach. Edge Computing may be a relatively new term, but, it’s nothing new to Reliant; we’ve been doing it since 2006.

We have been talking about Edge Computing for most of 2018 and have now changed the emphasis of our website to really highlight our position. We’ll continue to reinforce our leadership in the space over the next year with additional deployments of our stack and, more importantly, a number of really innovative product upgrades and new features.

Stay tuned, I’m sure you will like what you see!