Wide-Scale Adoption Validates Reliant’s Approach of Technology Automation for Retail and Hospitality

New York, NY, November 8, 2017 – Reliant announced that it has now deployed Reliant Platform in 10,000 retail locations.  The Reliant Platform offers retail, restaurant, and hospitality operators a better way to deliver in-store applications and systems. Reliant provides cloud-level application, networking, and security control automation to the physical store.  New and legacy systems are converged into an integrated, scalable system through virtualization and centralized management along with comprehensive monitoring.  With Reliant, retailers and restaurant operators are able to meet the requirements of a rapidly evolving business environment.

“Today’s rapidly evolving omnichannel business environment is forcing retail and hospitality to make technology changes in stores and restaurants at an unprecedented rate.  This is driving the need for what we call the ‘agile store’ approach.  This includes the ability to quickly provision new applications, content, and functionality in cycles that are measured in weeks, not months or years.” stated Phil Stead, Vice President of Retail Systems at Reliant. “Reliant’s Platform embodies the agile store and this milestone demonstrates the success of our model. By the end of November, we will have exceeded 10,000 installed locations.”

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Richard Newman added “Our approach supports retail businesses’ ability to introduce new technologies and configurations quickly and efficiently.  This is facilitated by a strong but flexible central management for store-specific configurations through the Reliant Platform Manager’s front end.  Reliant’s model for containerized application delivery and orchestration combined with automated network and security infrastructure is what FaceBook, Amazon, and Google have built to support their exponential growth.  Our in-store and cloud components, when combined together, bring webscale to retail.”  

About Reliant: Reliant is a leading provider of technology automation solutions and services for retail and hospitality.  We automate the management of your technology, transforming the way applications and infrastructure are delivered; reducing costs, improving security, and increasing reliability. Our services ensure that critical systems are optimally designed, implemented, and supported.  Leading brands have selected Reliant to deploy their next generation of mobile, agile and customer engaging applications.