Track and report on any payment device within your organization

New York, NY, March 2, 2017 – Reliant has introduced an Estate Management solution which will be available both as an integrated module for the Reliant Platform or function as a standalone software solution. Built to manage payment devices, this solution is ideal for large operators of retail and hospitality locations that need to meet PCS Data Security Standard (DSS) regulations.

“Reliant’s Estate Management solution is payment terminal vendor and payment software solution provider agnostic,” said Richard Newman, Reliant Co-Founder and Managing Partner. “This is the only solution in the market that is vendor-neutral and can manage a mixed estate of PEDs from multiple manufacturers.” Clients gain control of their environments regardless of what devices or payments processing systems utilized as the Reliant solution will track and report on all devices and serial numbers, simplifying the inventory process.

A requirement of the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) 3.2 and Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) is tracking all hardware used to process or transmit credit card information. Reliant’s solution will monitor and track all installed devices, provide real-time data across all devices, and produce customized reports based on client needs.

The Reliant Estate Management solution is built on the Reliant Platform Manager however, it is not required and can work with any installed, compliant software. When paired with the Reliant in-store platform the solution not only delivers estate management reporting but will manage other aspects of in-store technology, a feature unique in the industry.

About Reliant. Reliant is a leading provider of technology automation solutions and services for retail and hospitality.  We automate the management of your technology, transforming the way applications and infrastructure are delivered; reducing costs, improving security, and increasing reliability.  Reliant Platform is a better way to deploy and manage applications, networks, and security controls at the store or restaurant.  Our services ensure that critical systems are optimally designed, implemented, and supported.  Leading brands have selected Reliant to deploy their next generation of mobile, agile and customer engaging applications.