New York, NY, June 15, 2016 – Reliant Solutions, the market leader in virtualized retail application and data security solutions, announces the general availability of the next generation of its core product: Redbox Platform.

This new version of Redbox Platform is the third generation of our solution and represents a significant upgrade to its core software infrastructure, including operating system, control, and orchestration layers.

This new version of software offers significant features and performance benefits including:

  • New Core OS – Debian 8, with available support through at least 2020, and updates to almost all packages
  • Better Performance – Available through a faster control framework and all 64-bit architecture
  • Vertical integration – Configuration, orchestration, and monitoring frameworks are now an integrated set of applications. This simplifies installation and maintenance
  • New Features – New and improved features, including Redbox system redundancy, upgraded container based virtualization, better monitoring and alerting, improved Internet security, enhanced support for payment application hosting, and much more

With the original Redbox introduced to the marketplace ten years ago, our third-generation product offers more features and functions than ever before and continues Reliant’s leadership in the application delivery, security, and converged infrastructure solutions.

Redbox Platform – 3rd Generation is available immediately.

About Reliant:
Reliant’s Redbox Platform transforms the delivery and support of retail systems through a converged infrastructure solution, which enables a wide range of application, systems and network configurations. The Redbox Platform solution replaces Retail’s traditional, inflexible approach to store systems with an agile model that can be centrally managed across a countless number of stores and eliminates the need for additional dedicated equipment to run each in-store application. As a result, retail executives can keep pace with 21st century customer-engaging applications while keeping costs in control by using this highly flexible and secure architecture.