New Tallahassee Facility Augments Geographic Redundancy to Ensure Seamless Support of Redbox Platform

Press Release
New York, NY, February 20, 2015 – Reliant, the market leader in virtualized retail application and data security solutions, announced the opening of its new Service Operations Center in Tallahassee, FL. Reliant has maintained a presence in Tallahassee for several years, benefitting from the access to technical talent and geographic redundancy afforded by this location. The new facility provides added office and assembly space to support the rapid expansion of Reliant’s Service Operations team.

“In the past, our customers were primarily supported out of our offices in New York. While these offices are centrally located, our ability to operate them is dependent on the availability of electrical power, telecommunications and mass transit. We have seen these dependencies tested on occasion and have always managed to operate through them,” said Mark Weiner, Reliant’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner. Noting that the new Tallahassee facility’s location is nearly 40 miles inland and 200 feet above sea level, Weiner further commented “As our operations scale to support the expansion of our global Redbox Platform customer base, our customers require service offerings that are free from such risk. This new facility will provide critical workspace and geographic redundancy to ensure the seamless delivery to meet the needs of our demanding retail customers.”

About Reliant
Reliant’s Redbox Platform transforms the delivery and support of retail systems through a converged infrastructure solution, which enables a wide range of application, systems and network configurations. The Redbox Platform solution replaces Retail’s traditional, inflexible approach to store systems with an agile model that can be centrally managed across a countless number of stores and eliminates the need for additional dedicated equipment to run each in-store application. As a result, retail executives can keep pace with 21st century customer-engaging applications while keeping costs in control by using this highly flexible and secure architecture.