Wide-Scale Adoption Validates Reliant’s Approach for Converged Infrastructure in Retail Systems

Press Release

New York, NY, January 11, 2015 – Reliant announced that it has received orders to deploy Redbox Platform in over 7,000 retail locations.  Redbox Platform offers retail, restaurant and hospitality chains the ability to manage a secure network across large numbers of store locations and deliver a wide variety of in-store applications running on multiple operating systems hosted on a single piece of hardware.  Reliant will showcase Redbox Platform at the National Retail Federation’s 104th Annual Convention & EXPO at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, Booth 1455, in New York City through January 13th.

“Emerging requirements for flexibility within retail require IT to support business and application owners under an “agile store” approach. This includes the ability to provision in-store resources, operating systems and entire applications on-demand,” states Phil Stead, Vice President of Retail Systems at Reliant. “This past year validated the widespread success of Reliant’s Converged Infrastructure model used by retailers to reduce IT overhead and human capital.  Through 2015, we will exceed 7,000 installed store locations.”

According to Richard Newman, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, “Our approach supports retail businesses’ ability to introduce new technologies and configurations quickly and efficiently into store environments.  This is facilitated by strong but flexible central management for store-specific configurations through Reliant’s Redbox Platform Manager front end.  Reliant’s model for delivery of converged application, network and security infrastructure is similar to those used by major Internet Commerce providers at ‘web scale.’  When validated and subsequently approved configurations are integrated into Redbox Platform Manager, they can be deployed across entire retail chains at lightning speed without sacrificing change management, auditing and tracking capability,” added Newman.

About Reliant: Reliant’s Redbox Platform transforms the delivery and support of retail systems through a converged infrastructure solution that enables a wide range of application, systems and network configurations. The Redbox Platform solution replaces Retail’s traditional, inflexible approach to store systems with an agile model that can be centrally managed across a countless number of stores and eliminates the need for additional dedicated equipment to run each in-store application. As a result, retail executives can keep pace with 21st century customer-engaging applications while keeping costs in control by using this highly flexible and secure architecture.