Promoted as “the ultimate in-store music experience,” DTLR Radio streams lifestyle, fashion, music & entertainment news and promotions to its customers

Press Release

New York, NY – January 7, 2014 – Reliant, the market leader in virtualized retail application and data security solutions, announced the successful implementation of DTLR Radio, an online radio station that allowed the brand to further align itself with the music-oriented lifestyle of its urban customer demographic. Reliant’s Redbox Platform allowed DTLR to rapidly and cost-effectively implement an in-store solution that converged audio content streaming with store networking and security functionality. DTLR Radio is now widely recognized as an industry-leading approach to providing original live radio content.

DTLR has been a leading retailer in the fashion industry for over 25 years. The Company currently operates over 100 stores throughout the Eastern United States, providing footwear, apparel, video games and music to its core demographic of young, urban, tech-savvy consumers. In 2011, DTLR worked with Reliant to implement Redbox Platform as part of a comprehensive store technology refresh. Once that project was successfully completed, DTLR began to consider ways to take advantage of Redbox Platform’s ability to host other customer-engaging applications.

According to John Orsini, DTLR’s Senior Manager of Networking and Security Technology, “After our store technology refresh, our business wanted to use IT to enhance the level of interaction with our customers. For the first time, the IT Department found itself at the center of these marketing discussions and we were able to envision and achieve creative solutions that capitalize on our investment in Reliant’s technology.”

Jeff Bowden, VP of Marketing at DTLR, conceptualized an online radio station that would stream music to listeners via the Internet and simultaneously play music in the stores. Bowden explains: “The expansion of our business was dependent on aligning our brand very closely with the lifestyle of our customer demographic. Music is central to that lifestyle. Once we made the decision to move forward with DTRL Radio, we wanted to reach those customers as swiftly as possible.”

Reliant’s agile approach allowed the Company to implement DTLR Radio in its stores as a software upgrade rather than as a new hardware installation. DTLR Radio was deployed across all stores in less than one month and DTLR quickly became one of Reliant’s most successful and enthusiastic Redbox Platform customers.

According to Bowden, “The presence of a Converged Infrastructure platform in our stores allowed us to employ Reliant’s technology to create an entirely new model for retail customer engagement. DTLR Radio is now widely recognized as an industry-leading approach to providing original live radio content with music, interviews, promotions, announcements and contests that engage customers as they shop. The result has been an overwhelming success.”

About Reliant: Reliant’s Redbox Platform transforms the delivery and support of retail systems through a converged infrastructure solution, which enables a wide range of application, systems and network configurations. The Redbox Platform solution replaces Retail’s traditional, inflexible approach to store systems with an agile model that can be centrally managed across a countless number of stores and eliminates the need for additional dedicated equipment to run each in-store application. As a result, retail executives can keep pace with 21st century customer- engaging applications while keeping costs in control by using this highly flexible and secure architecture.